Container Loading Supervision (CLS) for African market

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Update time : 2023-02-15 08:45:00
Container Loading Supervision 

How to perform Container Loading Supervision (CLS) before shipping ? More details please click here.
Container loading supervision refers to the final step of cargo monitoring in the manufacturing process, this service usually takes place at the factory or your forwarder's premises and occurs after a pre-shipment inspection (PSI).
During loading supervision, inspectors will supervise the execution of the whole loading process. Container loading supervision helps you that your finished goods are handled correctly when loaded into containers to ensure safe transportation and delivery to their final destination in a satisfactory condition before payment.
Key points
  • Container conditions:
 Ensure that the container environment is suitable for transportation, including humidity and odor;
  • Product Specifications:
Randomly check the quality of goods in the packing boxes ensure the quantity of goods is correct;
  • Shipping Marks, Packaging, & Labelling check
  • Space allocation and supervise
Ensure the quantity of goods is correct, maximize space utilization and save costs, as well prevent the factory or freight forwarder from replacing products midway.

FBI Inspection provide loading supervision service for traders to eliminate concerns of traders. Our Strong technical support and professional management teams will escort for you, with high quality and high efficiency as the goal, let you satisfaction.
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