Swim String Bikini top inspection

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Swim String Bikini top inspection
How to inspect Swim String Bikini top before shipping ? More details please click here.

Tankini Top Inspection, including measurement check, visual inspection for makes and workmanship to tankini top, is common in women’s swimsuit inspection service.
A:Measurement Check
     a.1  1/2 chest circumference(straight measure from back)
     a.2  1/2 waist circumference
     a.3  1/2 hem circumference
     a.4  CF length from underbust seam to hem
     a.5  CB length
     a.6  Side length
     a.7  Neckline
     a.8   Cup side edge length
     a.9   Underbust length (curved)
     a.10  Inner strap length at front
     a.11   Front armhole
     a.12  Back strap length
     a.13  Distance between back straps
     a.14  Front side panel length
B:   Visual checking    
    b.1  Dart point MUST be in sample
    b.2  Must have bartack at strap adjustment and back loop;
    b.3  Pls ensure that the shaping at undercup/underbust seam the gathers start lower places, so the outer will not collapse;
    b.4  Ensure that all normal standard are checked and that the spec are within client’s tolerance.
    b.5  Pls ensure that the mesh are in correct position;
    b.6  Also ensure that all the measurements are as per spec or within client’s tolerance.
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