Electric fan inspection

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Electric fan inspection
How to inspect electric fan before shipping ? Please read more to click here.
About Electric Fan Inspection

Packing inspection

Security testing

Visual inspection

Mechanical assembly inspection

Functional check

Special test

1. Packaging inspection

1) inspection of outer box and inner box

There is no damage, deformation, moldy and so on.

Pay attention to whether the marks meet the requirements, whether there is bad printing and so on.

Does the packing method meet the requirements

2) check color boxes and accessories

Pay special attention to missing relevant accessories (including fan blade, mesh bundle, screw bag, etc.)

Pay special attention to all packaging materials (including instructions, warranty CARDS, etc.)

3) installation instructions shall include:

The type and type of lighting appliance installed on the fan shall be specified

Whether partition fans can be installed outside Windows or walls;

For fans installed at higher locations, the blades shall be 2.3m above the ground;

For duct fans and partition fans, care must be taken to prevent gas from returning into the room through open air passages or other open flame devices

2. Security inspection and testing

1) whether the product has sharp edges and corners (especially the metal nose and mesh cover)

2) whether the power cord has broken skin or exposed copper (pay special attention to the outlet of the power cord)

3) high voltage test and grounding test

International standard: IEC60335-1 & IEC60335-2-80

American standard: UL-507

4) special reminder: high pressure danger, pay attention to safety
5) Finger safety test

Validity of instrument

The normal function of the instrument

Set parameters according to standard requirements (test voltage, test current, test time)

3.Appearance inspection

1) check whether the products are consistent with the samples, specifications, orders, pictures and contents of color boxes and instructions provided by the customer.

2) are there any missing product labels

3) there is no omission or wrong printing of product trademarks, there is no poor silk screen printing.

4) appearance should not have some bad defects (such as dirt, scratch, deformation, rust, oxidation, poor spraying, poor electroplating, mixed color, etc., pay special attention to the motor rust)

Special note: make sure you have enough light

(1) nameplate

Use the letter “T” for fans used in tropical climates.

When the ambient temperature is higher than 40, the fan must indicate the ambient temperature

(2) ceiling fan: pay special attention to the fact that the LNE label cannot be inverted

4. Mechanical assembly inspection

1) whether all parts are well coordinated, and whether there is significant gap and segment difference.

2) pat the machine by hand and shake it. Check whether there are any foreign bodies (such as screws and muons) or loose assembly in the product.

3) check whether the base is uneven (put the product on the glass to see if it is shaking, use a stopper) (except ceiling fan)

4) whether the front and rear mesh covers are well matched.

5. Function check

1) check the function of switch keys

2) check the performance of operation and speed regulation

3) input power test

4) check the function of lifting head and swinging head (table fan, floor fan)

5) check the performance of operation and speed regulation

6) positive and negative rotation function check (ceiling fan)

6. Special tests

1) nameplate and mimeograph friction test

2) stability test (table fan, floor fan)

3) motor speed test

4) assembly test

5) noise testing

6) installation test (ceiling fan)

7) remote distance test

8) power cord tension test

9) motor plugging test

10) mechanical strength (ceiling fan)

11) aging test

12) bar code scanning test

13) drop test of outer box

14) internal process inspection

15) testing of dangerous moving parts

16) impact test

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