Backpack inspection

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Backpack inspection
How FBI inspection Service makes inspection with the Backpack/Bags/handbags/Luggage/suitcase products importing from China.
ABOUT THE PROJECT OF Backpack inspection
Our testing programs vary according to the design and intended use of each product. They include:

1. Drop test
With reference to the ISTA 1A drop test method. The package or product should not be damaged after the test.

2. Assortment check
The packing assortment should be correct as the client's requirement and package marking.

3. Coating Adhered Test
Use 3M600 or 6110 adhesion tape.

4. Color shading check
According to the client's requirement. If no client requirement, please adopt below: 1.No color shade within the same pieces is allowed. 2. The color shade in the whole shipment with grey scale 4 is allowed for dark color, with grey scale 4-5 is allowed for the light color. 

5. Function check
The functional components should run smoothly without jams or any malfunctioning issues.

6. Reliability test for Zipper/button/snap or any other functional component
Open and close the tested component back and forth 20 times, the component should remain good as it's after the test.

7. Product size/weight measurement
According to product spec or approved sample. Apply +/- 3% if no detail tolerance is issued or requirement from the client.

8. Barcode scan check
The barcode must be scannable and with the correct number. 

9. Metal detection
No broken needle or metal should be detected.

10. Adjustable check for the bag with adjustable straps
The straps could be adjustable as it’s intended.

11. Loading check
The loaded weight should according to the client's specification. If no specification from a client, please refer to the below criteria. Bag size/Loaded weight: <18cm/1kg; 18≤size<30cm/3kg; 30≤size<40cm/5kg; 40≤size<50cm/7kg; ≥50cm/10kg, Load the specified weight, hang it on for 2 hours, no damage should be revealed during or after the test.

12 Fitting check
The product should fit the intended model or person well.

13. Color fastness test
By using a wet white cloth, rub on the inspected, cloth back and forth 5 times, to see if there is any color left on the white cloth.

14. Handle/straps strength check
According to the client’s specifications. In case no specification from a client, If no specification from the client. Please refer to the below criteria. Load the specified weight, hang it on and shake the bag 20 times in a random direction, the product should remain good after the test.

15. Loading check on a case
The loaded weight should according to the client's specification. If no specification from the client.

Please refer to the below criteria. Case Size(inch) Loaded weight(kg) 18 12 19-21 16 22-24 18 25-28 20 29-31 25 32 28 Load the specified weight, hang it on for 2 hours, no damage should be revealed during or after the test.

16. Walking check
Load the specified weight into the case, and let the case walk for 1km continuously. For the case with double pull rods, should also load the specified weight(if no client's specification, load 5kg) on the joint position between robs and case. The product should remain good after the test.

17. Waterproof
Take the water on the product surface, the internal should not have water permeate.

18. Odor and mildew check
Should not have an irritative odor and mildew.

19. Hand feel check
All samples should be checked by hand feeling to check if any moisture and wetness are found, and compare mass products with the approved sample to verify the materials, texture, and surfaced finishing.

20. Seam pulling test
Pull the seams by hand with some force and check if there are any needle holes caused by the sewing machine. Perform this test on all the seams.

Suitcases, luggage, and handbags are manufactured to ensure the safe transit of other personal belongings. It is, therefore, necessary to test for the strength of fastening, buckles, handles, and wheels/rollers. These checklists convey the essential basics of quality control inspection for luggage and bags. 

Contact our quality assurance experts to customize your inspection requirements.
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