Wall-mounted ashtray inspection

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Update time : 2022-08-26 11:54:00
Wall-mounted ashtray inspection
How to inspect Wall-mounted ashtray before shipping ? More details please click here.

Inspection Key factors for Ash bin of hanging wall

1.Aesthetics check:

Any place which persons may contact shall be free of sharp edges and sharp angles;
The surface should be clean,no visual fingerprints, scratches;There are no loosening of joints intended to be rigid, no major structural element is significantly deformed.

Powder coating check, no these defects on powder coating, such as peel off, missing painting, bubbling,pin-hole, caking, yellowing, seedy, orange skin, rust, inconsistent gloss and color.

Zinc electro-plated check,Surface shall be free from clearly visible plating defects such as blisters,pits,roughness,cracks or non-plated area.

2.Function check:

The lock can fix and separate from door, the door can be turned on/off freely, the inbox can be put into and taken out from bin.

3.Adhersion test of powder coating:

Factory shall provide a sheet with identical surface treatment of goods to test for each shipment, use a knife to draw some grids with a spec 1
×1 mm on powder coating surface, then take a tape of 3m600 to directly stick grids surface strong, rapidly split it off having a 60° with horizontal surface, the detachedarea shall not exceed 5% of total test area. For shipment inspection, use a tape of 3m250 to directly stick the powder surface, rapidly split it offhaving a 60° with horizontal surface quickly, no peel off. having a 60° with horizontal surface quickly, no peel off.

4.Corrosion test:

The factory can ensure the corrosion resistance of powder coating shall be carried out 120h on salt ,spray test .
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